FAQ's - Click a question to see the answer.

1Does Bigg Burger serve breakfast all day?
Yes! We serve the entire menu all day long.
2Can you replace a soft drink for a Bigg Burger milkshake?
Yes! You receive a small milkshake for the same price or go for a bigger size for a slight upcharge.
3How many toppings can I select for my Bigg Burger?
As many as you like! Our toppings and spreads (excluding cheese) are free.
4Can I get a sandwich without a bun?
Yes! We can make it as a lettuce wrap as your request.
5Are there substitutes for french fries?
Yes! You can replace your fries with chili or coleslaw.
6What kind of oil do you use in your fryer?
We use soybean oil.
7Are there beans in Bigg Burger Chili?
Yes! There certainly are beans in our chili.
8Can I get a Bigg Burger or french fries without salt?
Yes you can! Our food is cooked per order so just let us know if you don't want salt.
9Does Bigg Burger have a veggie burger?
Unfortunately, we do not have a veggie burger.
10Do women ever order the triple Bigg Burger?